Hello Freddie, how do I get motivated to do something extra when already I have an anchor profession?

Hello Freddie, how do I get motivated to do something extra when already I have an anchor profession?

Dearest reader, 

I appreciate you forwarding this question, ‘How do I get motivated’? It reflects your intent to explore beyond the comfort of a ‘well-settled profession’. Let’s begin with another question – ‘Why should I do something extra?’ 


  • List down every benefit you expect. What will be the benefit on a scale of 1 to 5?
  • Against each benefit that you expect from that ‘extra’, what will be the maximum rating you could get from your current job?

Here is an example for you. 

What I get from  ‘<Name that Extra> My Rating Maximum Status-quo rating
Ultimate Fame in the ABC industry 5 2
Loved by high-profile friends  4 1
Attractive variable income up to $5000 per month 5 0
Fulfillment of using my strength 4 2
Enjoyable travel to foreign destinations 4 1


  • Notice emotion words in the benefits column – Loved, attractive, enjoyable etc. When emotionally bound by the new additional goal, your longevity to stay in the ‘motivated zone’ is higher. That’s the big idea.
  • Motivation is the ability to pursue goals despite difficulties. How much you love your goal, determines the level of motivation. That is the significance of listing what you gain.
  • Design your vision board. Use these benefits in the table as desires or Goals. For a quick refresher in creating a vision board see  https://christinekane.com/how-to-make-a-vision-board/
  • Create a vision board that’s so compulsive and attracts you. For example , if Switzerland is your dream destination for ‘Enjoyable Travel’, stick boarding passes, monuments, a tourist photographing Mount Pilatus, and  paste your photograph over that tourist’s face. I call it ‘ethical morphing’, pretty much like ethical hacking.
  • Stick your vision board in a room that you spend most the time. Tell your family why you prepared the vision board and ask how they can support you.
  • Write what you are going to do to achieve your vision in the next 30-60-90 days and 1 year.
  • Keep daily reminders in your phone on a schedule for
  1. Build yourself to be capable of pursuing the plan
  2. Doing activities in the plan

Remember, both are ongoing activities. Do not await for your best self to emerge to start pursuing. It will automatically unfold as you practice. You are sure to find admirable mentors along the way.

Love to hear, how this method worked. Wishing you holistic success!

Soulfully Yours,


The Father Manager

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