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The First Secret to a Spellbinding speech

Standing Ovation – Packed Halls – Frenzied Admirers – Charismatic speakers!

If asked to list the most influential speakers transcending latitudes and longitudes, you will get them right. Think about them for a moment.

What makes them a roaring success on the stage? Humor, tone, gestures, charisma, language, wisdom- The reasons extend longer than your monthly shopping bill printed at the neighborhood supermarket

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The A-Z Guide on becoming the Rock star of every Webinar

Let’s face it. The winds of change can be felt through an emerging communication medium, that’s hard to ignore. Webinars have become the flavor of the season. Do you know that the ON24 survey revealed that 75% use webinars to build their brand?

How speakers mastermind a webinar will dictate whether brands create a history or become history.


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5 Things No one will tell you about Automation

I am often asked, ‘Will automation be a challenge to my role?”. This question comes from the employees in the IT and BPO sectors. I counter with another- “Do you realize that automation has impacted you already?”

Think and list down every automated system that made your life easier.

  • SMS reminder for a bill payment
  • The fuzzy logic in your Washing machine
  • Mailbox sync up the moment you connect


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Human on Board – Conditions Apply*
The First Rule in Business Chat

Reaching out to our teams has never been so easy. Instant messaging channel has massively helped to fast track responses in organizations. Report linker survey has found that 43% of employees use instant messaging apps for business communication. With the shift in knowledge economy it is no longer ‘Business@ Speed of Thought’. Businesses are conducted @ speed of bandwidth. Anyone can reach everyone anytime.
Yet, how many of this ‘everyone’ like being engaged? The reality depends on how many experience the human touch.

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Millenials Coming Soon
– Is your Leadership future-proof?

Leaders dominate their domains. They surmount challenges. Truly speaking, how do they confront them? Not all alone, all the time. They get their teams aligned. So far, this is good going.

Here comes a shocking revelation! Not all leaders are fully equipped to take on challenges few years ahead. The narrative is changing.

What could happen to businesses when leaders can no longer orchestrate teams and deliver? What is the fate of leaders when their tricks run out of gas?

Before we delve into answers, let us deeply reflect the driving force –a seismic shift in workforce is impending. A recent Fortune article forecasted that millenials will be 75% of the Global workforce by 2025. This is a bigger challenge that limits leaders’ capacity to handle challenges. What worked until now will not be effective down the line. Leaders are in dire need for an upgrade.

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Why is ‘Father of Your Team’, the most loved Business self-help book globally?

‘Father of Your Team’ authored by Dr.Venkat has garnered a number of massive milestones-

  • ‘Father of Your Team’ was ranked No 1 in ‘New Releases’ by Amazon US in – Office management
  • ‘Father of Your Team’ is the world’s first book on implementing ‘Paternalistic leadership’
  • Listed in ‘Top 10 Pre-eminent Books you must read in 2020’ by Demode, the International lifestyle magazine
  • Certified by senior leaders as the super valuable guide for managing millennials. Industry studies estimate that millennial staff will be over 70% of the Global workforce by 2025
  • Top rated 5-star reviews on Amazon of all the books published by BUUKS Publishing house.


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Insightful Lessons from an Invisible Coach

Leaders learn all through their life. Learning all through the life shapes a leader. A survey revealed that most CEOs read 60 books a year. Experimenting with that learning amplifies their accomplishments. Every book does not offer something entirely new. Yet they help leaders reflect on the past and refuel their future. At times, the most impressive lessons are indirect.

A disaster offers lessons that few library membership cards cannot, only if you are willing to introspect. Get ready to ruminate on the five leadership lessons from Covid-19. At the end of this article, you will realize that these lessons will stay years after the virus lost its significance.

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Credit Influences Your Leadership Credibility

Credit the giver’ isn’t just the Golden Rule of Accounting. It holds a perfect fit for Leadership. How?
When leaders know what others think of them, they stand a good chance for becoming great leaders. When a survey and story can expose what a leader should stay away from, simply staying away from it, could make a leader shine bright.

Remember, absence of darkness is light and absence of light is darkness.


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