Dr. Venkat Kumaresan

Dr. Venkat Kumaresan is a Keynote speaker, Workplace Challenges Guru, humorist, and a versatile coach, in a leadership role in a Global Business Process Automation company.

Dr. Venkat is certified in a wide range of disciplines like Industrial Psychology, Data Science, Robotics, and Project Management. He writes poetry in English and Tamil combining wit and wisdom. Dr. Venkat’s poems featured in International Anthologies and were telecasted on satellite television channels in Brazil and Mexico. His presentations on Father Of Your Team were featured in ‘Fiera Virtuale del Libro Italia’ – the largest International Book fair 2021 and the UK Book fair 2021.

Venkat has over 22 years of International Industry exposure with Industry leaders in Automobiles, GPS technology, Telecom, BPO, and Information Technology.


Dr. Venkat contributes to the professional fraternity through articles published on topics like Cost of Culture in Organizations, leadership books, moving up the value chain with the client, upgrading to Industry 4.0 skills.

Venkat practices a leadership perspective that is strikingly distinct. This leadership perspective is widely valued, celebrated and remembered by his teams for many years.

Venkat sees his team members as his own children and mentors them all through their life. Venkat makes his debut as an author with a life-guide book on this Leadership perspective – ‘Father of Your Team’.

Venkat has conducted lively educational Quiz programs in Radio, workshops with Government Training Institutes has been Guest of Honor at College Events influencing Young Minds across India.

Venkat has received awards in different organizations like Award for building a Quality culture from Nokia, Liveliest Person of the Year at Trimble Navigation, etc.

Venkat took up leadership assignments early. He was the Humor club President at school and Vice-Chairman of EEE association in college. Venkat was the winner of National Level Debate for Engineering colleges.

Recent Articles from Dr. Venkat Kumaresan

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