Father of your Team

8 Stages to Groom Loving Teams That Outgrow You

‘Father of your Team’ is a life-guide, management book on a powerful tried and tested Leadership perspective that helps new managers to seasoned Executives.


Leaders hold the magic to transform teams for life, bring about spectacular Business results and leave a legacy with personal satisfaction.

The storytelling style and the 8 Natural Stages of Leadership model in this Business self-help book are sure to solve your most significant workplace problems. You will be spellbound by the way Freddie, the Father Manager leads his team through current day’s practical challenges that you encounter. Each chapter will enable you to introspect through insightful case-studies, amazing anecdotes, and apply the powerful techniques instantly.

Father Of Your Team’ – the Amazon US No.1 New Release in ‘Office Management’ offers over 50 unconventional tips to face challenges of modern-day Managers.

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