Freddie, how to get job satisfaction?

Freddie, how to get job satisfaction?

Dear Reader,

Satisfaction doesn’t come from a job. Intriguing? Satisfaction is a natural outcome of service.

How did you feel when you have helped someone beyond their wildest dreams? You are sure to get satisfaction with your job once you decide to find moments of service. ‘Service’ by Ron Kaufman’s definition is ‘taking action to create value for someone else’.

  1. Can you create value for your peer by offering support to solve her problem?
  2. Can you create value to your team by sharing hard-earned knowledge or surprising them with a well-worded appreciation of behavior, which they assumed to be unnoticed?
  3. See how you can make your Boss’s life easier by coming up with a solution that thrills your boss.

As you plan your day don’t limit your day to a ‘To-Do List’. List how you want to make a positive difference to someone. Try this out for 21 days and write to me on the difference these deeds made to your ‘job satisfaction’

Soulfully Yours,


The Father Manager

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