Freddie, How to bring cognitive automation solution as culture?

Freddie, How to bring cognitive automation solution as culture?

I like the question of linking an initiative to the organization culture. 

If an important initiative is not yet part of the culture, here are 2 questions for your self-diagnosis.

  1. How many in your organization are cognitive of the need for the cognitive automation solution?
  2. Were previous executions well-planned, right teams involved, and communicated, regardless of the solution being successful?

A practice tied to a larger purpose, demonstrated by leaders consistently and reinforced effectively becomes part of the culture eventually.

  • Culture requires buy-in. If the past executions of that solution had sent fear psychosis across the organization, the acceptance will not be high. If that was the case, plan and involve better next time. 
  • Communicate how past implementations helped the employees, clients, and organization. Capture employees’ feedback and success stories upon the execution. Share those success stories in the Org newsletter. Let the idea of being associated with Cognitive automation become a matter of pride for your employees. When people start taking pride in a practice in an organization and start raving about it, it starts cultural precedence. When employees talk about the impact, the appeal is higher.
  • Use that automation solution for new bids – The fear factor of current staff losing jobs will get dispelled
  • Implement that automation solution where people could make errors. People don’t complain about the sound from the ATM when they forget to pick their debit cards. A solution that protects them from trouble will be welcomed. Remember ‘Perception is the reality for the perceiver’
  • Conduct webinars on how that automation solution is helping other organizations and your competitors. People will begin to understand that they will have to adapt sooner or later. 
  • We cannot use the word ‘culture’ unless the expected behavior is all-pervasive. A recent Harvard Business Review survey revealed that 49% have experienced collaboration as a challenge to digital transformation. Implementation in one department or silos across a business won’t work – change needs to reflect the entire organization. So, find areas across your organization to implement. 

Lastly, if you are part of the leadership team, please keep realistic expectations on the results and higher expectations on learning from failures. For new-age automation solutions, the Mantra is ‘Fail Fast, Learn Fast’. I recommend that you read ‘Uplifting Service’ by Ron Kaufman, the Global Guru#1. I wish you the best toward championing a culture that widens profits and employees’ smiles.

Soulfully Yours,


The Father Manager

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