Why is ‘Father of Your Team’, the most loved Business self-help book globally?

Why is ‘Father of Your Team’, the most loved Business self-help book globally?

‘Father of Your Team’ authored by Dr.Venkat has garnered a number of massive milestones-

  • ‘Father of Your Team’ was ranked No 1 in ‘New Releases’ by Amazon US in – Office management
  • ‘Father of Your Team’ is the world’s first book on implementing ‘Paternalistic leadership’
  • Listed in ‘Top 10 Pre-eminent Books you must read in 2020’ by Demode, the International lifestyle magazine
  • Certified by senior leaders as the super valuable guide for managing millennials. Industry studies estimate that millennial staff will be over 70% of the Global workforce by 2025
  • Top rated 5-star reviews on Amazon of all the books published by BUUKS Publishing house.

If a newly published Business self-help book is recommended by world leaders like Ron Kaufman, the #1 Global Customer Service Guru, Clinton Wingrove, the HR futurist from the UK, Jan Kellerman Marshall, the founder of International Humor and Healing Institute and is backed by the Global HR heads of organizations like MPhasis and Cleartrip and leaders from professional bodies like PMI and ISTD there should be something outstanding.

Review by Ron Kaufman

  • Do you find achieving business goals and meeting your team’s expectations becoming challenging than before?
  • Are you missing the fulfillment you deserve, despite being successful at times?

Explore life-changing techniques in leading your teams from Freddie, the Father Manager in this interesting business fable. Enjoy watching Freddie handle every practical day to day challenge you confront at your workplace. Fascinating events left a lasting impression on his life once he applied a new-age leadership perspective. Apply the simplified eight-stage model, the step-by-step proven formula and 50 valuable tips that delivered outstanding results for new managers to top-notch executives.

  • Are you losing control with uncertainty?
  • Getting harder to uplift your team?

What you need is not a general self-help book. You require a ‘Business self help book’ that simulates every scenario from your organization and offers tried and tested easy methods to solve it for you. The mesmerizing screenplay transcends you to an office in San Francisco. You will relate to the characters in ‘Father of Your Team’ with staff in your organization and get clues to manage situations powerfully with personal satisfaction.

Father Of Your Team


This enormously engaging leadership book is loved and practiced by thousands of leaders, as it provides out of-the-box solutions for most significant challenges that leaders face like

  • Sustaining motivation despite organization constraints
  • Balancing team’s aspirations and interests
  • Shortage of time to mentor
  • Coping up with uncertainty amidst external changes and risk of acquisitions
  • Handling staff vulnerable to internal politics
  • How to manage employees perceiving organization decisions as unfair
  • Broken working chemistry amongst teams
  • Work-life balance and many more.

The author Dr.Venkat Kumaresan brings his wit and wisdom subtly through the narrative. You will love reading this captivating book.

You will be spellbound by the way Freddie, the Father Manager leads his team through the current day’s challenges that you encounter. What changed in his life? What happened to his team? The mesmerizing screenplay is bound to transcend your leadership influence, beyond organization charts.

Use ‘Father of Your Team’ as a powerful tool to rewire the mindsets of your leadership staff to take your organization many notches up. Leaders will remain relevant, and revered regardless of changes, once they adopt the refreshingly simple practices prescribed.

Precisely, ‘Father Of Your Team’ has the magic to re-program your neural schema.

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