The First Secret to a Spellbinding speech

The First Secret to a Spellbinding speech

Standing Ovation – Packed Halls – Frenzied Admirers – Charismatic speakers!

If asked to list the most influential speakers transcending latitudes and longitudes, you will get them right. Think about them for a moment.

What makes them a roaring success on the stage? Humor, tone, gestures, charisma, language, wisdom- The reasons extend longer than your monthly shopping bill printed at the neighborhood supermarket

The First Secret to a Spell binding speech

I am not denying any of those. If you ask each of them, “What makes your speech so impressive?” they will pour out plenty of factors. If you are wondering where to start to be a Captivating public speaker, the answer is simple – LOVE.

Sounds strange? Yes, Start with loving your audience and not knowing your audience.


  • When you discharge something out of love, you will enjoy it and not fear it
  • When you radiate love, your audience has no choice but to reciprocate it
  • When you decide to deliver with love, you will subconsciously perform everything that leaves an indelible impression

People are RESPECTED for what they have. They are REVERED for what they give.
-Father Of Your Team

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Time is the most precious commodity anyone can donate. Reflect on the people you love – parents, friends, neighbors, and relatives. You will realize that those you love have been willing to spend time with you.

People invest their time to listen to your talk. They deserve your love.

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart
– John Ford

As you wait to walk up to your next rostrum, commence your preparation with love. Visualize the audience gathered to believe in your words. Extend your compassion to each of those waiting to lend their ears and, loan their time.

Your speech rendered with love will be cherished. Let the world witness the magic of a mike wire connected to minds.

Venkat Kumaresan
Keynote speaker, Communication Coach
Author of ‘Father Of Your Team’, the World’s First Book on implementing Paternalistic leadership

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