Family Notes from Martha

Family Notes from Martha

Martha’s Notes on applying Family Perspective

I will not miss any opportunity to recognize my team member’s contribution. When I meet family members of my team in corporate outings, family events or at public places, I will make it a point to extol how valuable my team member is and how their attitude helps at the workplace.

The four gains I can visualize –

  1. The family will be more supportive of the team member’s career pursuits
  2. The family feels happy to know a dimension of their family member, which they may not have recognized. They feel proud.
  3. The bond between my team members and me grows deeply. Gratitude builds attitude.
  4. The team members feel motivated and trust me. The team will show more interest and openness in getting groomed. My team members will scale up higher in their career, making their family happier.

Chapter 6.11 Blowing up Boundaries