Achievement Enhancers

Achievement Enhancers

There are three Achievement Enhancers.

1. Big Beyond –

Achievements are not to be considered as the greatest milestones for career and
life. Considering one achievement to be ‘The Greatest’, will belittle the size of the
other achievements in future.

2. Inside Out –

Share ingredients of your success willingly with those who have not mastered it.
Trigger interest in the rest to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. The intent to
share the work behind a success will earn loyal followers. Achievement of an
individual is measured on the scale of number of people who are willing to
celebrate it.

3. Ground Beneath –

Understand that more people create an achiever. The achiever is only a front
template that most people can easily see.
Your charisma depends largely on following the second Achievement Enhancer.
Focus on this when you lead your team.

Story of Mozart

Once, a poor man in tattered clothes had a chance to meet Mozart, the finest musical
genius of all times. The poor man did not know who Mozart was when he met him and
asked for money.

Mozart’s fingers that created magic on the piano, failed to create that magic when they
traversed through his coat pocket. Not a single penny inside! No way to give money to
the beggar.

Mozart asked the man to wait for a minute and took a piece of paper from his pocket.
He scribbled on it quickly, signed and gave it to him. That paper did not look like a
check from savings bank account. The poor man was confused. He didn’t know how that
piece of paper was relevant and how it could help him.
He couldn’t read or write. He looked at the images in the paper and could not imagine
what they meant.

Mozart requested the poor man to visit a music recording shop nearby and exchange
that piece of paper for money.

Without realizing its value, the poor man gave that piece of paper to the music store.
The staff in the music store was thrilled to see the musical notes. He rewarded the poor
man handsomely. The poor man did not have a reason to seek alms ever after.

What did you learn from Mozart and the poor person who made a fortune?

People need not know your value, when they come across you. When you develop your
skills to the levels of personal mastery, you can help them quicker to come up to a level
that they could not imagine.

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