Vietnamese Wedding Customs

Vietnamese Wedding Customs

Three significant festivities take place in a Vietnamese marriage on the same day Le dam ngo, the couple’s proposal festival, is the groom’s family’s second formal request for her marriage. The two families change items and perform rituals to represent the people’ federation.

The following ceremony is a tea and candle ceremony ( le te ). The brides vietnamcupid honor their ancestors by drinking drink and asking for riches for their futures jointly during this. They will also have the opportunity to make their first encounter with extended family members.

A parade moves to the bride’s home for a reception after the tea and candle service. The wife did acquire a donation container filled with jewelry from her mother-in-law and will be officially introduced to her innovative household these. In front of their ancestral shrines, the bride and groom’s parents will eliminate fragrant sticks and offer prayers to their ancestors for the couple’s good health, happiness, and fortune.

The bride and groom don conventional Vietnamese attire, known as ao dai, which are available in a range of hues and habits. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen will also be wearing ao dai gowns or a less formal version of the same robes, depending on the woman’s desire.

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