Victory Vitamin – February, 2021

Victory Vitamin – February, 2021

Hi folks,

I am thrilled to see Victory Vitamin reaching your inboxes in February, the month of love. Over the last year, we have all gone through some trying times. Socially distancing from our friends and family was not easy and it was only love that saw us through.

It’s heart-warming to see so many examples of love through the year. Our love for those who are important to us prompted us to stay connected digitally, no matter how far away we actually were. Our love for our immediate family reminded us to take extra care of ourselves. Our love for growth made online courses a huge hit. May this month bring you more moments of love for you to cherish. Remember — the only vaccine that is 100% effective and has proven benefits is ‘Love’.

Load yourself with hope and look forward to leading 2021 like a legend.

What’s new?

1. ‘Father of Your Team’ is soaring

If you are flying in or out of the Chennai airport, do stop at the Higginbothams bookstore. Apart from being an iconic 177-year old haven for book-lovers, the store now also carries my book, ‘Father Of Your Team’! So before your next flight from Chennai, do pick up a copy of the book at this airport store — it makes a great gift for a mentor or colleague who guided you and helped you fly high.


2. A refreshing change
A couple of months back, my book Father of Your Teamreceived a review on Amazon, which stated that the “perspective of problem-solving is relevant to any industry”. That got me thinking. The subtitle of my book claims that it is a guide for ‘Modern Day Managers’ — but are there managers in any and every industry? What about a law firm or a school? The answer was no. So, in order to encompass all the industries, I decided to change the subtitle. It now reads — ‘8 Stages to Groom Loving Teams that Outgrow You’. What do you think of the change? Do let me know at

What’s coming up?

1. Get ready for the Chennai book fair!

For book lovers and publishers all across India, the Chennai Bookfair is a feast. And like all book lovers, a certain father manager is gearing up to attend. Yes, Freddie will be at the Chennai Book Fair this year! Look out for ‘Father of your Team’ at the Emerald Publishers stall.

What did I do differently?

1.One man. Two wheels. A world of experiences.

If life starts to get boring, that’s a sign that you’re not experimenting enough or trying new things. In order to keep things exciting, I recently decided to change things up with my daily morning cycling routine. Rather than following the same old route every day, I nudged myself to chart out some new paths. I went a different direction one day; I tried an unexplored lane the next. Apart from giving me a sense of accomplishment in the morning and sharpening my creative problem-solving skills, it opened me up to experiences that I would otherwise never have enjoyed! For example:

  • I got to know of several great schools in my area that I never knew existed.
  • I discovered some amazing local libraries!
  • I made friends with a resident association president who gives away free saplings to anyone who calls on him.
  • I befriended a happy man who raises ducks and had the wonderful opportunity to visit the tent with hundreds of ducklings.

So try doing something that you have never done before and bring some variety in your daily chores. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at the magic it unleashes. Will be good if we can mention their names or locations.

Events that touched me

1. The Groovy Man of Roovy

Having made it to the major bookstores, I thought why not take it a step further and make ‘Father Of Your Team’ available at some retail outlets as well? The Roovy fashion outlet was my first choice, since so many people come to shop there and create memorable moments with their loved ones. Over the last few years, the huge five-storeyed showroom has expanded to prime locations in several cities, all the while retaining their brand appeal. I got the contact number of Madhan, the owner of the brand. Since this was my first meeting of its kind, and that too with such a bigwig, I had mentally prepared myself for a cut-throat deal, if not an outright ‘No’.

But I was blown away by Madhan’s simplicity and humility. He was ready for our meeting before time. ‘Roovy will get 20% commission on the MRP for each book sold at the counter,’ I offered. He graciously smiled and responded, ‘I’ve only become big thanks to many others who trusted in my growth and enabled my journey. I am happy to be your enabler. No commission please. Bring me your posters — my carpenter will create elegant wooden frames and have them displayed. I will call you every week to update you on the sales.’ I was thrilled. Well-grounded, kind and generous — now those are the marks of a true leader !

My reading list

Articles I loved

1. The Air Force Checklist Will Help You Build A Team That Lasts

Irrespective of industry or expertise, leaders and entrepreneurs all have to face one crucial challenge — putting together a team that is willing to go all in and be invested in the company’s overall success. This article offers an Air Force Nuclear Operator’s insights on getting this right. After all, when it comes to building a great team, who has higher stakes?

2. Unexpected Leadership Lessons That Mobsters Can Teach Lawful Leaders

Speaking of leadership tips from unusual quarters — how about taking some cues from mobsters? This may sound bizarre at first. But if you think about it, mob bosses have to manage teams too, and ensure the success of their operations — all within a system that is specifically designed to bring them down. So check out this article for some lessons (none of the tips involve threats and violence, I promise!).


Book recommendations

1. How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes

How to Come Out a Winner Every Time They Ask “And What Do You Do?”
How to Respond When You Don’t Want To Answer
How to Sound Close (Even If You Are 100 Miles Away)

Intrigued? These are just some of the chapter titles in this incredible book. And the rest of the chapters hook you in just as quickly. I highly recommend it for anyone who has ever had to talk to clients, build a professional rapport with complete strangers or convince others to invest in their success. In short, I recommend it for every leader of the present and the future.

P.S.: If you are in India, the quickest way to get a copy is by ordering from the iconic Odyssey chain of bookstores. Not many people know that Odyssey has an amazing online store. I’ve put the relevant link in the title of the book above, and you can check out the rest of their vast collection

2. What the Hell Just Happened by Mark Kennedy and Jules Kennedy

Bad times can teach you a lesson — but you can recycle your adversity to create a learning experience for everyone. Buddha, Confucius and many other revered gurus have done that — and now, so has this brave couple, the Kennedys.

This emotional story talks about the time the Kennedys went for a holiday to a place where no one spoke their language. Mark Kennedy. met with an unexpected accident resulting in a head injury and had to go through surgery. How did they get out of the tough spot? How did they bounce back?

‘What The Hell Just Happened: From Brain Injury to Breast Cancer and Bereavement – Overcoming Adversity’ is the finalist for the coveted Book Talk Radio Club. 2020 Awards. You can also tune in to the authors’ free-wheeling interview with Claire Perkins here.

To-Do List

1.Add a twist to your holidays

We all celebrate public and local holidays in certain specific ways. For instance, for me, Republic Day always means visiting the park near my home, attending the flag hoisting ceremony, and coming back home. This year, given the caution and restrictions, I decided not to limit myself to those activities. Instead, I celebrated at home watching Nalanda Vidyaniketancelebrations from last year. Then, I went to a neighbourhood bookstore and immersed myself in a book about the Indian Constitution. These alternative celebrations gave me a greater sense of purpose than any of the previous years, and my love for my country and my gratitude towards the leaders multiplied manifold.

Now Holi, the festival of colors, is coming up on 29th March. I’m sure you have your own set traditions and activities you enjoy on that day. But I also urge you to do something different. Why not visit a library and read a book on occasion? You will find your celebratory spirit becoming more colorful than ever before. I would love to know what you are planning for the day — write to me at and let me know!

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